Global Study Point

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Idealistic in pursuit, naturalistics in setting and pragmatic in approach, Global Study Point emphasize to correlate theory with practice. Keeping the aim of holistic development of the young students, G.S.P is leading as a premier educational center of the area.


Global study point founded in 2006 under the encouraging patronage of prominent educationist Sh. Rohtas Insan to spread the flames of education to more and more people of the area. Now the center is being run under the leadership of Sh. Gulab Singh (Management Director of Institute) and Mrs. Seema Beniwal ( Education Director ).


G.S.P. is situated on Sirsa-Dabwali highway no. 10 near hanuman mandir, at Odhan. Its building of 13 rooms offers a host of hi-tech ultra modern facilities to ensure good quality and well planned education to its students

Vision and Mission

An institute or organization can only function successfully if its members subscribed to common set of rules. A higher education center like ours is no exception. Our mission is to make students of the area socially and morally aware and to provide them education to prepare them for Global demands.

Experienced faculty

The well qualified staff is the backbone of our center. G.S.P. has a team of 10 teachers with a great experience in their respective fields.

Career Guidance

In order to guide the students about career options and to counsel them ,Career Guidance and counseling team of G.S.P. organizes seminars from time to time.

Educational Tours

Global Study Point, organizes educational tour for the students to aware them of the outsider world.


To discuss the performances of the students with their parents, at least one P.T.M. is organized per month in the center. It gives the parents an opportunity to get all information of their wards? performances.

Director Message


Dear, students, congratulation on joining , The Global Study Point family , on the behalf of this family , I welcome you to G.S.P. ,Odhan a place where we can celebrate youth and excellence and attempt to transform young persons in to adults with a sense of social responsibility and human values. Our purpose is not only to train the students for examination but also help them mould themselves into better human beings. We are committed towards the holistic development of the students enrolled in the centre.
Our aim is to provide quality education excellent academic environment , opportunity to participate in co - curricular activities and to import the whole knowledge to our young students to improve their skills and provide world class infrastructure for education .
Our dream is to spread the flames of education to more and more people . It is good to see that we have been working on the same norms and principles for the last 8 years .
Please accept my heartiest felicitations and pray to the Almighty that our centre may scale greater and more glorious heights in future.

Education Director Message


GLOBAL STUDY POINT has completed 8 years with a great success and distinction . It is good to see that G.S.P. is progressing by leaps and bounds . We have created an atmosphere in which the students can progress and develop their personality fully. The purpose of education is an endless striving towards perfection. Every student is competent individual and is capable of growth in number of directions. This is possible if proper training and timely opportunities are provided to him in the developing years of his life. For this purpose Global Study Point promotes various activities and programmes from time to time . Such golden opportunities made available to the students go a long way in expressing and developing their natural talents . So we provide the facility of the coaching of all subjects from High class to Post Graduate level including all competitive exams by expert faculty under one roof. It will help the students to bring out the best in them.
I hope the G.S.P. will continue with its sincere progressive efforts as no destination , however great is the ultimate goal.